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We are nimble.


On the surface, Nimble looks like exactly what it is - an efficient and profitable wholesale distribution company imbued with a dash of whimsy.

But beneath the playful exterior roars a proficient logistics and manufacturing engine powered by a diverse, experienced team led by two of the Oregon cannabis community’s most impactful entrepreneurs, Joy Hudson and Marissa Rodriguez.

After the pair built one of the top three cannabis wholesale distributors in the state, Hudson and Rodriguez left and joined forces on a new project, one that they hoped would become the blueprint for the cannabis companies of the future.

Combining the power of iconic brands, highly capable white label manufacturing, and clockwork fulfillment, Nimble drives both profit and positive social impact by the very nature of its framework. Beginning with a foundation of high-value collaborative partnerships with some of the state’s premier cannabis cultivators, Nimble powers both its clients’ brands as well as its own, such as its two flagship house pre-roll brands, Kites and Broomsticks.

Beyond crafting unparalleled products from high-quality inputs, Nimble focuses on the community by building charitable giving into its cost of goods schedule. For two years, Nimble has built equity for the community while achieving rapid but sustainable growth against its bottom line. That’s the Nimble way.

We are unapologetically authentic. 

We believe that being ourselves should be not just tolerated but accepted, and embraced. At Nimble, we are who we are.

We trust you. 

Nothing matters more to us as we foster relationships in an industry laden with skepticism and cynicism than trust. It’s the foundation of everything we do. 

We are professionals.

As cannabis matures, those who make our living growing, packaging and selling it need more than ever reliable and accountable players to do what we say we will. 

We are fighting for a better world.

Our founders actively participate in the shaping of this industry, so that all who work in cannabis can prosper as the product of our efforts. And it is vital to us that this company begin to heal the damage done by the war on drugs.  

We would love to hear from you.

Feedback makes us better. Please reach out :)   

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