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Welcome to KITES. We are doing our best to make sure we are not bringing just another preroll to the market. KITES are designed from the ground up to be a better preroll. From sourcing our flower from producers that share our values, to making sure to share our profits with the communities disproportionately affected by our countries long war on drugs, back to building our packaging with all paper products. We are stoked to share these prerolls with you.

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NuLeaf project is working to build a network of leaders in the cannabis industry to help mentor up and coming talent in the industry.


NuLeaf project is helping business owners get fast, effective knowledge, mentorship and


NuLeaf project is aiming to increase diversity among professional roles in fast growing cannabis companies by being a hub for diverse, talented professionals.


NuLeaf project is building funding for cannabis businesses with a priority placed on funding businesses 51%+ owned by Black, Indigenous and Latina/o/x people,

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Our prerolls are made by the very best. Each member of our production team is proud of their work. Their attention to detail is unmatched in the world of prerolls. While we know our team is fantastic, we also know that we can never be perfect. If you come across a imperfection in your product, please let us know. Our team loves learning from our mistakes.


It was our goal to create packaging that really stood out. Something that really made you reach for your prerolls and enjoy your smoke. We also wanted to make sure to create as little waste as possible, while making sure all pertinent logistics and labeling information was accounted for.

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It has always been our goal to work with like minded farms that want their flower to go into products that they can feel proud of, and we have been building partnerships for years with growers that we know and trust. People that have been delivering consistently amazing flower and also producers that care about the future of this industry and where we are headed.

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