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Nimble Distro and Sauce Essentials’ New Partnership Expands Reach of Number-One Selling Cannabis Products

PORTLAND, Ore., May 15, 2024 — Oregon-based wholesale cannabis distribution company Nimble Distro has added premier cannabis company Sauce Essentials to its growing list of distribution clients.

“Customers love Sauce for its quality, consistency and innovation, which are the same attributes we bring to our distribution network,” said Joy Hudson, co-founder and chief executive officer of Nimble Distro. “It’s partnerships like this that will drive our industry into a new, high-performing era.”

Nimble is now the exclusive statewide wholesale distributor for Sauce’s popular line of products, including its number-one-selling disposable vape pens. The partnership will help Sauce maintain and expand relationships with retailers and ensure product availability, ensuring brand growth in an industry challenged by inconsistent distribution networks.

Best-selling products now available in more places 

Specifically, Nimble is distributing Sauce’s high-performance disposable vape pens, which are currently the top-selling disposable vape pens in Oregon, according to BDSA, the leading market research firm covering the legal cannabis market. The disposable pens are known for their unique botanical terpene profiles, reliable quality and consistent flavor profiles across all the states where Sauce is sold.

Nimble is also distributing Sauce’s Bursts, a new portioned 100-milligram fast-acting gummy that delivers an exceptional taste and experience. Bursts are nano-infused, allowing consumers to feel their effects within 10-15 minutes.

“Nimble is truly the gold standard in Oregon’s cannabis industry,” said Dylan Spencer, chief marketing officer of Sauce Essentials. “Their vast distribution network, excellent service and deep market expertise put them in a league of their own. Partnering provides our customers with easy access to the products they know and love. And more people will get to experience our innovative products as they become available in more stores across Oregon.”

Partnership fuels both companies’ growth 

Nimble distributes to more than 400 retailers monthly. Sauce will leverage Nimble’s vast distribution network to expand its market presence and share in Oregon. Sauce has grown rapidly since entering the market in December 2021, expanding distribution to eight states in less than three years. It has remained the fastest-growing cannabis vape brand in its markets for the last three years, according to BDSA.

“Nimble’s logistical capabilities and infrastructure support will allow us to focus more on product development and brand building, rather than the complexities of distribution,” Spencer said. “This operational efficiency can lead to cost savings and faster market penetration.” 

Nimble has also grown rapidly in its first three years of operation. Its revenues have increased 20-fold in its first two years. This, despite Oregon’s volatile, oversaturated cannabis marketplace.

“We have been able to buck market trends with consummate professionalism, great relationships and industry knowledge,” Hudson said. “The cannabis industry is ever changing and complex, and we are constantly diversifying our services and evolving our model to meet our customers’ needs and remain profitable.”

Nimble has built a competent and reliable distribution reputation in Oregon’s cannabis industry. Efficiency, customer service and support are built into every aspect of Nimble’s operations. Efficiency, customer service and support are built into every aspect of Nimble’s operations. Nimble’s headquarters in Milwaukie, Ore. is one of the state’s largest DEA-rated cannabis vaults. Its impeccable inventory management and dedication to compliance ensure that the complex logistics of cannabis distribution are handled smoothly and effectively.

Please visit to learn more about Nimble.

About Nimble Distro 

Nimble Distro is a leading wholesale distribution company in the cannabis industry. Driven by a powerful logistics and manufacturing engine, Nimble Distro drives profitability and positive social impact by forging collaborative partnerships with premier cannabis cultivators and processors. With a focus on product excellence and community engagement, Nimble Distro is committed to reshaping the future of the cannabis industry.

About Sauce Essentials 

Sauce Essentials brings high quality cannabis products to consumers that are both affordable and convenient. Our line up includes Sauce Essentials 1g Live Resin Disposable Vapes, Classic 1G Vapes, Bursts Edibles, and Smokes Pre-Rolls. Our products offer incredible flavors while offering a wide range of effects from energizing sativas to relaxing indicas. No matter which you choose, Sauce delivers complete satisfaction.

Sauce Essentials cultivates fun, community-focused experiences to accompany its products by having monthly giveaways. Customers can get their hands on limited edition Sauce Merch and huge prizes. Join the fun at or follow @sauceessentials on IG for details.

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