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Take flight.

Take Flight

What does nimble mean to you? 


To us, it means quick. Agile. Deft, at pivoting in response to the whipsaw of changes and challenges in the nascent cannabis industry. It means keeping track of a volatile supply chain; nurturing close relationships with growers, processors, and retailers across the state; monitoring critical legislation, and staying intimately involved in how laws and rules are made that can elevate or decimate the livelihoods of tens of thousands of Oregonians who work in legal cannabis.


Change is coming

Speed and agility are important to us, but not because we’re impatient. It’s because we believe in this industry’s ability to affect change, to create the space for misfits like us to thrive, to grow, to prosper. We created this company to uplift the lives of people who enjoy cannabis, especially in communities damaged by nearly a century of prohibition, and the havoc wreaked via unjust prosecutions aimed largely at people of color, across America.


Our Future

Our founders are two dynamic women who built one of the state’s largest distributors, a network of loyal connections and an unparalleled grasp of every corner of the market.


We are deeply involved in the cannabis community.



As we grow, we’ll have investment options available.

Interested? That's so great!

Find your place!


Our mission is to elevate the lives and livelihoods of people who consume or work in cannabis, especially in communities damaged by the war on drugs.  That starts with who we hire, and how we treat them. At Nimble, we want to plant a very clear flag in the ground, right now: this is a company whose mission is to heal the damage done by the war on drugs. Where we can most quickly put our money where our mouths are is in hiring diverse talent, and donating to organizations that advance equity.

Our Values!


We know that companies often pay lip service to lofty ideals about diversity, equity and inclusion. It’s important to Nimble that we ideate and execute tangible programs that bring our values and goals to life.


Weed may be legal today, but the damage of the failed war on drugs lives on. 


We want to do something about that.

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